Immigration to Canada

 Immigration to Canada

Peace be upon you

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you. We hope that you and your loved ones are all in good health
 Frankly, after we made a video about Professions Without Borders organization. We talked about the precious opportunity for everyone who wants to immigrate to work and settle in Canada. We did not intend to complete a second episode on the subject. But after we follow your messages either on the channel on Facebook on Instagram or on our official website
 We found that many brothers and sisters find different difficulties, either in filling out the form or in writing a biography in the Canadian way, which is completely different from the rest of the methods here. It has become a duty for us to have a second video to complete what we started
 In today's video we will fill out the form together step by step. We will write the CV in the accepted Canadian manne

 Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you. We hope that you and your loved ones are all in good health

Frankly, after we made a video about Professions Without Borders organization

 We talked about the precious opportunity for everyone who wants to immigrate to work and settle in Canada. We did not intend to complete a second episode on the subject. But after we follow your messages either on the channel on Facebook on Instagram or on our official website

 We found that many brothers and sisters find different difficulties, either in filling out the form or in writing a biography in the Canadian way, which is completely different from the rest of the methods here. It has become a duty for us to have a second video to complete what we started

 In today's video we will fill out the form together step by step. We will write the CV in the accepted Canadian manner

 We will answer your various questions 

We will give more evidence and righteousness to anyone who doubts the matter

Before we start today's episode, we will tell you that if you did not watch the first episode, then watch it first is necessary because today's episode is a supplement to the details and information

Let's start with God's blessing

We will start first by answering the most important questions you asked us

 The first question is language necessary to accept my application? The answer is one of the two languages, meaning English or French is not necessary to accept your application

 But it is necessary to speak, understand and write one of these two languages, even if your level in it is very, very average

 The second question, will they cost me all the expenses? In fact, cases differ

 There are those who emigrated and cost him all the expenses

 There are those who only performed the duties of documentation

There are those who will pay the expenses of documents, as well as the costs of travel and transportation

 It is a matter of the operator that you will work for and the type of work that you do. Is it very wanted or rare? It also depends  on what you and the person you will work for when you reached the penultimate stage of immigration, which is video calling on Skype or something similar to communicate and negotiate. The third question I do not have a double, but I have experience

 Am I acceptable

The answer is if you do not have any diploma, but you have experience proven by documents, such as work certificates or the like

Your request for work is acceptable, God willing

Fourth question: Can I apply for a job to Canada while I am currently residing in America or Europe

 The answer, of course, you can, but you must first go to the form that betrayed the nationality and search for your nationality if your country exists and here we are talking about the jinn and not the country of residence, your request will be accepted 

The fifth question: I am married, can I take my wife and children with me

 answer? Yes, of course, they can accompany you. All you have to do is mention that you are married and have a family in a box at the bottom of the form that you will fill out.If you have other questions, contact us, we will gladly answer you. Now we will talk with our brothers and sisters who are skeptical about the credibility of what we say

 In the first video, we talked about that this organization, I mean, professions without borders, will search for you for work and communicate with you until you reach Canada and receive your work without charging you any wages, and we all read on its official website that it is a non-organization and that it helps you for free. This is currently the policy of the State of Canada to attract immigrants to work in its territory

Today, to give your heart more comfort, we tell you that international TV channels are talking about this topic

 Which touched on this subject in all the details and in order for you to rest assured once and for all, and you will not have the slightest doubt about what we say to you, the Canadian Minister of Immigration Mandicino speaking at a press conference on the subject. See. So as not to prolong the episode for you

 The minister spoke, saying today in Parliament we have prepared an immigration plan

Two thousand twenty one two thousand twenty three

Roadmap for the next three years

 The key to short-term economic recovery and long-term prosperity

 They will also aim to receive four hundred and one thousand permanent residents in the year two thousand and twenty-one

And one thousand in the year two thousand twenty-two quarters and twenty-one thousand permanent residents inside Canada in the year two thousand and twenty-three. The number is over a million people to come, work and permanently reside, but I will leave you the link to hear the press conference in full in the description box

 My brother, my sister, your heart is at ease. You know that people who say this is a lie, this is nonsense 

They cannot be either people who speak the matter without knowledge and are excused, or people who benefit financially from this exclusive information

The idea that this information will become known to everyone provokes their anger because it will harm their interests

 So, after this clarification, let's fill out the form and write the biography together, step by step, with God's blessing. We open the official website of the Occupations Without Borders Kagier Organization. This is the official website of the organization Careers Without Borders. If you haven't seen the first video, you must watch it. Because here 

 We supplement the details

Brothers and sisters, we will add today that we will only address in the form to the sites where you have found problems and have eluded you

Plus, we're going to write a CV together, the Canadian way

Ali Baraka The first problem that some brothers and sisters faced is how to translate the page into Arabic

The matter is simply my brothers and sisters, come with your mouse anywhere you want in the middle of the page

 You press the right button for Sarah and here you will find the translation into Arabic box

 You see, we will click on it, and the site will be translated into Arabic

Here we will find the form to be filled ou

 Important note and a reminder again. The form must be filled out in French

 or English

 The CV should also be written in French or English

Arabic is not acceptable at all

 Here we translated into Arabic for clarification only

So that all issues are understandable without problems

 But when that's how you look, I'll translate again

From here, for example, I have to fill out the form

So in French as you can see

If we will translate into Arabic for the sake of explanation

 But the filling should be in the A language. We start with God’s blessing. The first box is to select a master or woman. I will select the master. The second box is to write the personal name in the box next to it, where I write the family name here, I select the age, I select the good age, the next box

Select the nationality, for example, Egypt

 Here, type your email

 Here I rewrite the email

 Here type the phone

 Here I specify whether educational field of study

 I also specify it here. Do you want to add another training? If I have another training, press Yes 

A new field opens, fill it in 

We will just press no

Here are professional experiences

 I will research a profession and determine next to it years of experience

 Good, there are those who asked us and said the profession I specialize in does not exist

 If you notice here written in red if the listed professions do not match your qualifications and work experience, choose other professions at the end of the list

This is what we will do we will click and go to the last list

 Other professions will open a box below

I will write my profession and specify the period of experience

Do you want to add professional experience? I will add another experience if I have, I will press Yes and a box will open again to fill in. We will now press No. Now the point where many brothers and sisters found problems is writing the CV in the Canadian way. We will try to solve this problem together 

To write a biography

 We will not write it here

We will head to another official Canadian site

 It allows us to write a CV inside it

 so let's go

 So, my brothers and sisters, this is the official Canadian website that will help us create a professional CV that is acceptable to Canada. As I said, the CV must be written in English or Arabic is not acceptable

Ok, the first time you enter this site if you are at home directly to the end of the page

 Here we will find building your CV

 We will click on it. When we click on it, we come to this page. We will go down and click on a standard account right here. Then the site gives us the Canadian Labor Bank policy. The privacy policy and the general policy. Read all the details. Help me create a Canadian-style CV

 The first stage, the site asks us for an e-mail.We should put it in the first box 

Language of correspondence means the language in which they will communicate with us later. We choose either English or French, and here we write the password. As you can see, the password must meet the following conditions. It can be read before writing a password. After that, we confirm the password again and go down to the last page and press Continue

 After entering the information accurately, we pass to the second stage

 We pass to the second stage, where the site now asks us to enter the password that was sent to us in our e-mail

We will go directly to our email

You will find the message from the site in this form

And here is the secret number we will try to copy like this

 And we return to the website of the site where we are going to do the registration process in order to write a CV

Here we paste the password and press Continue

Here the site tells us that we have reached the third stage. At this stage, in order to secure our account, the site gives us questions and asks us for specific answers to these questions. Five questions in total, we must choose from among the questions that we will not forget to answer or we will write them somewhere because we will need them from a necessary distance Very remember questions

 Among the questions, for example, what is the first name of the best man in Your wedding or what is your mother's middle name? If you try to choose the easy question for you and write an answer directly below it, you also choose the second question and the answer as well as a third question and the answer is a fourth question in the same way and the answer and a fifth question in the same way and the answer and then you press Continue. Now we have reached the fourth and final stage before we start writing our CV. I have to fill in the boxes The first box I choose Mr. or Mrs. I choose Mr. The middle box I will write my name and the third box on the right I will write my last name and in the lower box I will write the mailbox number If you do not know you simply have to go to and write the country, city and mailbox number It will cost Google He will give you your postal box number, then I will click here. I am not a resident of Canada, and immediately after that I will click on “End” directly. Now I have a personal account within the site that I can dispose of as I want. We will go directly to the end of the page and click on Create new CVs

 In the first box we will give a title to our CV.For example, my work, I am an electrical technician, I will write in the first box an electrical technician

For example the second box I will choose the language as we said. French or English in the third box. I will select my CV template, meaning traditional or for young graduates. I will select the template in which I want my CV to appear and I will press save here. We will start with our CV, God’s blessing. Nickname or personal name here street address city postal. We have previously talked about how to get it if you do not know it

 Here we will write a very good phone number

Here we will write our professional email address

Here is a link to a professional profile or website

If you have a site, then immediately I will save the process, and here I will go to the second box and click on Edit. Professional summary, I will press a very good edit

Here I will talk about the summary of my career and my achievements in a few lines, and we will move to the next stage, which is work experience. We will press on add directly. We will write here the job title that we talked about its importance in the first episode. We will write here the name of the employee, city, province or country. The start date means the start date of this professional experience, the month. The expiry date and year are here, and we will talk about it as well, if possible, one or two lines briefly

 I will press save

After talking about my work experience, I will pass to the education stage

 If I have an educational level

Anyway, I will click on add

Here I will write the name of the program, meaning the name of my major in study. The name of the institute, the city, the province or the state

Start date and end date of education

And talk about this march in education in a few lines here and press save

 Directly, in the same way, I will talk about skills, I will click on Edit, I will talk about my skills in a few lines, then I will talk here about professional qualifications in the same way, I will click on add and you will give the name of the accreditation, click on save here. And I will talk about this experience here. The role or job title within this work The name of the organization The city The province or the state When did it start? And when did you finish this work? And you will talk about this experience in a few lines and you will press save, then you will find the prizes and the ticket

 Here in this last field, you can add a section that does not exist with certain details

 If you have a professional experience or something like that that was not mentioned here, you can add a new section after we have filled in all this information accurately. We will go up to the top and click on download. Important note. Each section that you did not fill will not appear in your final CV. This is how we will upload our CV and it will be placed with us. In a file, either on the computer or inside a file on our phone. Here, we have successfully completed the stage of writing the resume. We will return to the official website of the organization in order to complete filling out the form. Here we go back to the official website of the organization in order to complete the filling of the form. The presence of the smart biography that we wrote on the other site. When we find it, we will click on it and press open directly. As you can see now, it is actually, as you can see inside the form. We will fill out the form with linguistic knowledge. We talked about all this in the last episode

 Beginner, for example, a beginner and also a beginner here in the comments box. We said that we should mention the job title, and this also we talked about in the last episode, plus we will also talk about the career path

 We will be creative in speaking about ourselves in a professional manner

 Plus, I must also write that you are married and have children

And I want them to accompany me on immigration

 Then click on I have read and accept the terms of service and privacy policy immediately after that click on submit

Here, directly, congratulations to us, we wish God the best for the organization. She thanks us and says she actually got our request

It will search for a job that fits our specialization and will communicate with us as soon as it is found, and when we also go to our e-mail, we will find a message from the organization telling us that it has received our form and a job application and that it will do its part in searching for us for a job and will communicate with us when we find the work that suits us

Brothers and sisters, we hope from the Almighty that we have made clear to you all the issues in order to submit an acceptable and successful job application and to obtain, God willing, a job and immigration to Canada.

 Brothers and sisters, we strike you an appointment next Thursday at half past nine in the night.

 GMT exclusive details. to immigrate to another country. Wait for us

 God bless you


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