Why Facebook has stopped


Why Facebook has stopped

 After Facebook's heavy losses, is it an unknown hacker? Or a technical failure? Six hours in which the world was turned upside down.

 When the accusations of social media sites around the world stopped. 

Which sparked great controversy to obtain the complaint and questions directed to Facebook.

 This is to find out the reason behind this sudden failure, which occurs for the first time since the launch of the three applications. 

Facebook WhatsApp Instagram. 

Which is what there were many stories and gossip.

 before talking about the reasons.

 Let's note that there are three point five billion people around the world who use Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Within six hours, these applications were completely out of service. Which caused huge losses during these hours. 

Mark Zuckerberg's company lost nearly $6 billion. This is due to the decline in the shares of Facebook.

 It all started early in the morning when data scientist Frances Hogan, a former Facebook employee, reported evidence of wrongdoing with Facebook. 

These violations were limited to the fact that the company placed profits in its priority over the safety of users. 

After that, Facebook shares fell dramatically.

 Immediately after this charge, the three platforms malfunctioned. 

It is said that there was a hack on Facebook.

 The hacker began to manipulate the servers. 

Which caused a big problem. 

Which led to Mark Zuckerberg's decision to stop Facebook.

 Then WhatsApp and Instagram followed.

 Since the three applications are linked to each other.

 It is possible that any major problem that occurs in one of these platforms is bound to cause pain to the eyes of others.

 At this time, the Facebook administration began in every way to solve this problem.

 And they announced sending a specialized team to California, USA. 

In order to solve this problem manually. 

But it wasn't that easy.

 Here another surprise was blown.

 Where some reports indicated that the person who made this malfunction is one of the employees of Facebook.

 It is not as it is circulating that there is a thirteen-year-old Chinese child who penetrated three sites. 

After this news was circulated, two members of the Facebook safety team left.

 They said what happened is not a breach because it is difficult for three platforms to be hacked at the same time. So far, the real reason for the malfunction of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has not been known. Knowing that it is contained that only one of the programs was hacked. After that, Mark decided to stop all families, knowing that the biggest beneficiary of Facebook's disruption is Twitter due to the displacement of users there. 

What is even more strange is that in order for Facebook to reach its users after the disruption of its platforms, it had to publish a statement on Twitter, in which she said: We realize that some people are having trouble accessing our applications and products.

 We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. After six hours of failure, the platforms gradually began to work again.

 And Facebook had to reveal the reasons for this malfunction. Indeed, the company published a statement saying that it believed that the main reason for the interruption of the communication service was a wrong modification in the settings of the main routers that caused problems that led to the interruption of the communication service.

 And about the hacking of the site by a hacker or a Facebook worker, she said that it is feasible to have any evidence that users' data has been hacked. 

And the problem ended with a statement to Mark Zuckerberg, who apologized for the platform outage that occurred today.

 Saying I know how much you rely on our services to keep in touch with the people you love. 

Thus the problem is over.


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