financial freedom

financial freedom

 It is a financial plan for Dr. and expert Tariq Al-Suwaidan.

 It consists of four points that we will review with some explanation and clarification.

 Because it is really a plan for the journey of financial freedom, punctuated by challenges, failures and hopes.

 But it ends with achieving glory, well-being and contentment for those who are sincerely determined and have a long soul.

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 Quadruple financial success. Tariq Al-Suwaidan plan for financial freedom. One doubled your income every three years.

 Your monthly income is your main resource and your first financial energy.

 Where should a person who wants for himself real and balanced financial success start thinking about increasing his income, whether he is an employee or working for himself, and he should plan to double his income every three years.

 For example, if your monthly income is three hundred dollars, it should be six hundred after three years.

 One thousand two hundred six years later.

 If this is what is really happening to you, then you are on the right path. In fact, increasing income is easy to say and difficult to implement. But most people have multiple options to reach this goal.

 Two double your capital every five years.

 Actual wealth is not a monthly income as most people think.

 Rather, it is the capital that you own.

 In other words, it is the sum of your savings or possessions of financial value.

 It is the true and most honest measure of personal financial success. If you do not have the capital, you double it at least every five years.

 Unfortunately, you still have a lot to do to achieve financial freedom.

 Let this motivate you to start managing your financial affairs more wisely.

 And to start learning capital formation tools immediately.

 Three Distribute your investments according to the rule of forty thirty thirty. This particular point is the guaranteed practical result of the desired financial growth and real financial freedom.

 So we will talk about it in more detail.

 The distribution of investments is a safety valve to protect the capital from unpredictable conditions.

 Because it reduces the risk to a large extent. So that it is almost non-existent because it will be virtually ineffective in the long run. The strongest distribution of investments should be according to this rule forty percent of real estate, thirty percent of securities, and thirty percent of direct investments. This distribution is considered a strong indication of the solidity and stability of your financial freedom.

 Invest about forty percent of your capital in real estate. Whatever kind.

 Real estate is considered by investors as a base from which to start.

 A pillar on which to rely.

 and a station to return to.

 The important thing is that real estate investment is carefully studied to reduce risk and increase profitability.

 Thirty percent of your capital is preferred to be invested in the capital markets.

 This can be in the form of stocks, bonds or any other type of investments and assets traded in the markets. It is also important that your investment in the money markets be fully aware of the basics and available financial tools and the risks associated with them.

 Finally, you invest about thirty percent of your capital in direct investment.

 It is investment in trade and industrial services projects, as they achieve strong profits and rapid growth.

 This undoubtedly depends on the quality of the project and on the skill and experience of its owner.

 Four giving is the key to wealth and sustenance.

 Never leave friendship.

 Giving is a spiritual key to good fortune and happiness.

 Even if you are at a modest financial level, you can give in charity a little and continue to do so. God rewards those whose benefit reaches others and provides for them from where they do not expect.

 We cannot say that giving alms of five percent of the total income is something or exaggerated.

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