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 Hello tech lovers.

 It may be that the phone that we will talk about today is the most advanced. No other phone can compete with it. It is the phone that Tesla will launch in the year twenty-two. Which will bear the name of the model ebay. It is a project that Elon Musk personally dedicated a team of engineers to develop. And since Elon Musk is a businessman with a long-term vision, we will certainly witness the release of a smartphone like no other. Especially if we see the achievements made by this man, whether in the field of developing spacecraft or electric cars and others. Assassin projects were a mixture of technology and sustainability. And this smartphone will not differ from the rest of his projects. In this episode, we will discover its most prominent features. Let's go. Peace be upon you, God's followers, did you know?

 Ilan Musk and his team have worked on the development of the Bay model over the past years. Tesla has officially announced that its phone will be available in the market by the middle of the year two thousand and twenty-two. Since many information about this phone is still a mystery, we will be pleased to share the available information about it with you.

 We will start from the price, which appears to be between eight hundred and two hundred dollars. It is a low price compared to the features of this phone. Most notably, it is the first phone in the world to communicate directly with the Starling network. For comparison, the price of the iPhone thirteen up to one thousand three hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Although the features it has are found in other phones that are much less expensive. The features of the iPhone 13 also seem ridiculous when compared to the features of the Pi model. Allen is designed to revolutionize the world of electronic industry. As Tesla will be able to beat big companies like Samsung and Apple quite easily.

 Tesla phone will allow users to control their cars smoothly. The phone is expected to include a unique processor developed by Elon Musk, which is the most powerful ever. Note that the most powerful processor in Android phones is the Snapdragon processor eight hundred and forty-five. While Apple uses its own processor, which is both very slow compared to the new baby processor. It is also expected that the HAT will be connected to the Nuraling chip, which is one of the best inventions that has proven successful recently.

 This chip will give those who suffer from nervous system problems a chance to use the phone like normal people. They allow the brain to communicate directly with the phone and to control it via neural activity. This chip was the benefit of its kind part of the phone of a child company, it will be the most advanced ever without any competitor. The Pi model will be based on a six-panel nine-inch Filatra display with 8K resolution. The screen size will allow to use the phone quite easily. It is worth noting that the largest phone screen currently available is a phone screen measuring six and forty-four inches. In addition, the screen of the phone will operate at a high refresh rate that allows the image to be transmitted perfectly. In the work of the Bay model in the fifth generation network.

 It has four rear cameras. The main camera is one hundred and eight mega pixel. In addition to two 50-megapixel cameras. And a five-megapixel camera. While the possibility to enlarge the image to two hundred times. As for the front camera, it will be forty-eight mega pixel. This allows for sharp images with fine detail. To achieve this, the cameras of the floating model will put both Samsung and Apple in an embarrassing position in front of the users. HD cameras are not the only feature of this phone. The phone is expected to include other surprising features.

 Among them is the smart phone, which allows adjusting the color of the phone according to the user's desire. It is a secret paint that a company refuses to disclose any information about its ingredients or how it is made. The images that have been published so far also show that the exterior design of the model will be suspicious of the design of the iPhone 12. But it will have features that Apple is unable to provide in its devices. If you are a fan of normal speed internet, you will not feel any anxiety while using the Tesla phone.

 who can connect to wifi. It will also be connected to the global Starlink network as well. This allows the user to get a stream of up to two hundred and ten megabytes per second from anywhere in the world. What is certain is that Elan Musk will make sure to use all the technologies available to him in this new phone. Especially if a partnership contract with Google. It is a partnership whereby the Starlint network will be linked with Google's call centers around the world.


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