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Why Facebook has stopped

  Why Facebook has stopped  After Facebook's heavy losses, is it an unknown hacker?  Or a technical failure?  Six hours in which the world was turned upside down.  When the accusations of social media sites around the world stopped.  Which sparked great controversy to obtain the complaint and questions directed to Facebook.  This is to find out the reason behind this sudden failure, which occurs for the first time since the launch of the three applications.  Facebook WhatsApp Instagram.  Which is what there were many stories and gossip.  before talking about the reasons.  Let's note that there are three point five billion people around the world who use Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.  Within six hours, these applications were completely out of service.  Which caused huge losses during these hours.  Mark Zuckerberg's company lost nearly $6 billion.  This is due to the decline in the shares of Facebook.  It all started early in the morning when data scientist Frances Hogan

billionaire mentality

billionaire mentality  Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says:  The worst people you deal with are poor minded people.  Give them something for free, they'll say it's a trap!  Give them a business opportunity with a small capital  They say it's not a real project and it won't generate much revenue  Give them the opportunity to venture with a large capital  They will say they don't have enough money to take advantage of this opportunity  If you tell them to try something new, they will say they have no experience.  Tell them to try a traditional trade and they'll say it's hard and they don't have time.  And if you give them an e-commerce opportunity, they'll say it's hierarchical and fake.  - They actually think more than a college professor and produce less than a blind person for themselves. - Just ask them, if you can do something new and different tomorrow to improve your situation? They will answer we don't know.. - Poor minded people fail be

Explanation of the 3arb link shortening site

  Explanation of the 3arb link shortening site  Peace, mercy and blessings of God.  What do you guys do? Oh Lord, you will be fine.  Today's topic will be about a link shortening site that you can make very nice profits at a very convenient time.  And withdraw Vdafone Cash, Paypal or Payer, as we will see now in an explanation.  We will see all the paid methods, how to operate the site, and how to start getting easy and simple visits.  With you, Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, and we are afraid to explain.  Ok guys, the first thing we need to do is start looking for the link  here  God willing, this site will be very useful to you, and you will find it. The site is very nice with you, and the payment is very fast without any problems.  In the name of God, what God wills means.  We will start stepping on the link below and it will take you to a website page without any problems.  After that, it will bring you to this interface without any problems, like any interface. Aa shortening the link,

Immigration to Canada

  Immigration to Canada Peace be upon you Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you. We hope that you and your loved ones are all in good health  Frankly, after we made a video about Professions Without Borders organization.  We talked about the precious opportunity for everyone who wants to immigrate to work and settle in Canada. We did not intend to complete a second episode on the subject.  But after we follow your messages either on the channel on Facebook on Instagram or on our official website  We found that many brothers and sisters find different difficulties, either in filling out the form or in writing a biography in the Canadian way, which is completely different from the rest of the methods here. It has become a duty for us to have a second video to complete what we started  In today's video we will fill out the form together step by step.  We will write the CV in the accepted Canadian manne  Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you. We hope that you and your loved ones ar

What are the best ways to invest money

 What are the best ways to invest money  We always hear this urgent question that does not stop, especially from those who have some financial savings and who intend to develop them through a safe investment that guarantees them profits that satisfy their ambition  There are several important and essential characteristics of investment that we can consider well  These characteristics are available in varying proportions among all good investments  One of the most important of these practical characteristics is safe.  That is, the process is legal  And that your capital is safe from high rates of erosion or total loss  The value of investment is within your reach  If your capital is within the limits of five thousand, then it is absurd to search for an investment asset worth fifty thousand, for example  To have good earnings  It is not smart to invest capital in an investment that yields annual profits of less than five percent  While there are options that can give you more than ten pe

Money secrets

 Money secrets  Welcome my followers.  In this era, the requirements of life have become unprecedented.  The expenses have become many and the obligations are many, so the end of the month does not come until the salary is over.  As for saving, it has become out of reach for many.  Therefore, the need for successful budget planning did not help saving.  To provide you with a decent life today.  Regardless of your circumstances, the minimum you must save is 30 percent of your income.  If you can't do this then there is no hope of financial independence at all.  In this topic, we will learn about three steps that will help you plan a successful budget that enables you to save    One that separates priorities from luxuries  Knowing spending priorities is one of the most important things that help set a budget.  Help to save.  Try to simplify the standard of living and stay away from affectation.  It has been said in effect.  Management is half of living. Things that encourage extravag